One Candle’s Light, a historical novel, is the story of the Pilgrim fathers beginning 40 years before:

  • the Mayflower’s voyage to the New World,
  • the Mayflower Compact,
  • the iconic Thanksgiving feast at New Plymouth (Plimoth).

Before they were “Pilgrims,” they were mere Englishmen…

Young men and women newly emboldened by reading the Scriptures for themselves gave up comforts, safety, home, family–everything–for freedom. Their story is retold faithfully, following the historical accounts after twenty years research.

Follow these common English folk as they defy the law of their homeland and secretly flee to Holland, then to the wilderness of the New World, only to suffer unimaginable hardship again and again.

Experience their hunger and desperation, the deaths of companions, and their surprising friendship with Native Americans.

If you’ve read the Pilgrim histories, you know there’s more to the people behind the iconic Thanksgiving figures. One Candle’s Light is the Thanksgiving story you never knew…from the very beginning.

Meet William Brewster, a lad of tiny Scrooby village, and future leader of the Pilgrim Separatists.

Meet also his employer and mentor, William Davison, statesman for Queen Elizabeth, and soon the scapegoat for her execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Then there’s 12-year-old William Bradford, the orphan who one day becomes Governor of Plymouth (Plimoth) Plantation. They and others like them will soon discover how they must suffer for following their convictions.

Dictated by the ruling monarch, the law mandated regular attendance at the state-run church. Only officially approved ministers and churches were recognized. All other religious gatherings were illegal. Those defying these laws were fined, thrown into disease-ridden jails, or tortured…some executed as traitors.

The Holy Scriptures had become available in the English language only half a century before, bringing the Reformation to England, and revealing a faith based on the simplicity of the Gospel, calling men to worship according to their consciences, free of creeds and rituals, free of the tyranny of the state system. Many hungered for this freedom, but criticizing the system openly was dangerous. And it was also illegal to leave the country.

Sound like a modern-day repressive dictatorship or theocracy? Maybe. Yet, this was 16th Century England, the “glorious” Elizabethan age in the throes of the Reformation. If you lived then, what would YOU do?

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