I was certified to teach American History. After reading One Candle’s Light I have a much clearer understanding of the freedom these tenacious Pilgrims were seeking. I would not hesitate to recommend it to any student of American history. My understanding of the Mayflower Compact’s evolution is much fuller as is my appreciation for our form of government.

– Edwin Eddy, City Manager, Gulf Breeze, FL

I’ve read your book and it’s quite good. It’s a great balance between the human element and the element of God’s grace. It’s a great book.

– Les Singleton, Pastor, Church of the Mediator, Micanopy, FL

A historically accurate novel brimming with facts yet fleshed out to bring to life the Pilgrims who came to America under great hardships and peril. Men like William Brewster and William Bradford, and their wives and some children lived by faith each day on the grueling trip on the Mayflower. Would be a great book for homeschoolers.

– June Carlson, Writer

I would highly recommend this novel to anyone who needs a refresher of the Christian faith that founded this country. I wish I had had this book available for my daughter when I homeschooled her during her middle school years.

– Denise Denny, Homeschool mother

 The lessons learned in this work are not unrelated to our day. The commitment to truth as seen in Scripture, and the willingness to sacrifice when convinced it is the only way to preserve it, is embodied in the lives of the Pilgrims. It is also a lesson we might need more and more in the days in which we live.

– Dr. Paul Jehle, Senior Pastor and Principal, The New Testament School, Plymouth, MA

Definitely two thumbs up for your book. I could not put it down. What a legacy we have here! Now I am more adamant than ever regarding the USA. More people must read it; it will open eyes for so many.

– Jacque Walker, Deaconess, St. Andrews E. M. Church, Gainesville, FL

I thought (the book) was extremely well written and it sure kept my interest. I will definitely recommend it to my friends who I think would have an interest in our Christian heritage. It is so hard to imagine all the hardship and struggles the Pilgrims had, yet persevered believing it was in God’s will to do so.

– Midge Devaney

Congratulations! Aslan is on the mov.

– Leonard Goss, Editor, B & H Publishing Group, Nashville, TN

I am still reflecting on the drama of the Pilgrim story as Fay has presented it, and the seminal force it produced in the development of the American character.

– William Alexander, Historian

Every American schoolchild knows the story of the Mayflower and the Plimoth Colony, but only through the most famous episodes, and the individual stories of the Pilgrims often get lost among the historical set pieces such as the first Thanksgiving.

One Candle’s Light gives us one such individual story, reminding us of the sacrifices and moral dilemmas faced by the Pilgrims and not shying away from the uncomfortable topic of their relationship with the Native Americans. As an earnest story about earnest people…those interested in reading about a period that’s been relatively neglected in fiction should appreciate this book.

– Susan Higginbotham, Historical Novel Society