“The Pilgrims’ character has been much distorted in this century to defraud Americans of their heritage for they were to be the true founders of this nation.”

As we emerge from the murkey seas of a Presidential election, “driven by the wind and tossed,” we can look forward to a day of national Thanksgiving on which we can thank God that the losing side will inflict no riots, no car bombs, no suicide bombers to protest the country’s choices.  Our elected leaders will sit down together to argue, bicker and harangue but will eventually thrash out solutions to our problems.

This legacy was first given to us by some English colonists desperate for freedom from tyranny who overcame horrendous opposition to their mission to settle Plimoth Plantation in the New World.  They believed they had been given a mandate from their Christian God to leave their homeland to establish a community  where they could practice their faith without oppression.  Their first governor wrote that they lit “one small candle” whose “light kindled here has shown unto many, yea, in some sort to our whole nation.”

This Thanksgiving Day while you enjoy the ball games and big dinners, remember the blessings this nation offers humanity.  And if you know God, thank Him, or if not, thank the men who did know Him, for America.