Website for Mayflower Pilgrims Historical novel re-designed with 2020 in mind

 We are pleased to announce that this website for One Candle’s Light, the historical novel about the Pilgrims’ journey from England to Holland and then the New World, has been updated and re-designed as of July 2019. 

This upgrade includes a valid security certificate, a mobile friendly version and direct sales of the book online. Order paperback copies of Fay’s book from the website for $25.95, shipping included by clicking here.

New and Used paperback copies are also available on Amazon for various prices and from various booksellers, including our stock of new copies of Fay’s book under the name “Pilgrim Fathers,” for $26.35 plus $3.99 shipping.

 (If you are in the Gainesville, Florida area, Fay’s book can be checked out at the Alachua County Library District and a copy will be available to purchase at Book Gallery West. Ask for the book by title/author.)




Links to Mayflower 400 celebrations and articles

Here are just a few sites where the Mayflower Landing 400th Anniversary celebrations are being mentioned: 

America’s Hometown Thanksgiving

General Society of Mayflower Descendants – 2020 Commemoration Events and Mayflower Congress

London Unattached

The Mayflower 400 Group (UK)

New England Historic Genealogy Newsletter

Plymouth Rock Foundation – 400th Anniversary of Pilgrims Journey to the New World

Time to make your plans to celebrate the first immigrants to the New World who actually made friends with Native Americans, and welcomed people of all faiths and stripes into their community.*


*To read more about this and other facts, click here: 

How do the Pilgrims relate to immigrants today?



Copies of “One Candle’s Light” now available from author only

In anticipation of the 400th celebration, we have 400 print copies available of One Candle’s Lightthe Thanksgiving story you never knew.* *Update (November 2018): Early this year, the publisher (Oak Tara) released all rights back to author Fay Alexander, and allowed one last print order to be made of the corrected version published by Oak Tara Publishers (2009). There are no longer Kindle versions nor new print copies from the original publisher available on Amazon. We are looking into updating our links and signing up to sell our copies on Amazon soon… If you are interested in buying a copy of One Candle’s Light, please click on the Contact Fay tab on this website with your query. Here is Fay’s Author page on

2020: 400th Anniversary of Mayflower Landing

Breaking news: In 2020, the story of the Mayflower Pilgrims will be 400 years old!

Big preparations to celebrate are underway on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean!

Check out these links and make your plans!

The General Society of Mayflower Descendants (USA)

The Mayflower 400 group  (UK)

In anticipation of the 400th celebration, we have 400 print copies available of One Candle’s Lightthe Thanksgiving story you never knew.*

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2015: Two Pilgrim Programs Air Thanksgiving Week

A deeper look into the real Pilgrim story.

We are delighted that two new features attempt to portray the real human experience of the Mayflower Pilgrims rather than the simple iconic view, just as Fay’s historical novel One Candle’s Light set out to do: tell the Thanksgiving Story You Never Knew.

1) A new drama Saints & Strangers, produced by the National Geographic Channel, features actors from Britain, Ireland, and the US who re-enact the Pilgrims’ journey to the New World and interactions with the Native Americans.

The two-night event premieres Sunday, Nov. 22, and Monday, Nov. 23, at 9/8CT on National Geographic Channel (from The Channel Magazine).

2) A documentary The Pilgrims by Ric Burns will air on PBS Nov. 24th (Tues) and again on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 26, 8 pm).

Finally, the LA Times has a nice review of both features just out today:Saints & Strangers’ and ‘Pilgrims’ make clear Thanksgiving’s thorny origins.