We are pleased to announce that this website for One Candle’s Light, the historical novel about the Pilgrims’ journey from England to Holland and then the New World, has been updated and re-designed as of July 2019. 

This upgrade includes a valid security certificate, a mobile friendly version and direct sales of the book online. Order paperback copies of Fay’s book from the website for $25.95, shipping included by clicking here.

New and Used paperback copies are also available on Amazon for various prices and from various booksellers, including our stock of new copies of Fay’s book under the name “Pilgrim Fathers,” for $26.35 plus $3.99 shipping.

 (If you are in the Gainesville, Florida area, Fay’s book can be checked out at the Alachua County Library District and a copy will be available to purchase at Book Gallery West. Ask for the book by title/author.)